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Raise Money By Hosting A Fundraising Day At Frozenyo


We love supporting the local community! The Frozenyo Fundraising Program is a fun and effective way for schools, sports teams, nonprofits, clubs, and other community-based organizations to raise money.

How It works

  1. Your supporters dine on your scheduled date and time.  Dine in and carry-out are included.

  2. We will provide you with a template flyer you can use to promote your fundraiser. You may also design your own. 

  3. On the day of your fundraiser, customers must a) show a physical flyer that your group provides, b) verbally tell our cashier of their participation, c) show a digital flyer on a smartphone or other mobile device. 

  4. Your organization receives 15% (before tax & tips) of the total sales from the fundraiser. 


Participants may not pass out flyers outside or near the store as potential customers approach. Doing so may result in the forfeiture of the organizations entire donation. 


Thanks for submitting!

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